• New premises

    2016-06-20 10:25:13

    New premises

    Come and visit us in our brand new premises on Bygmestervej 6

    New premises

    In January 2016, Stieler & Co. moved into brand new premises

    An old factory, completely renovated and reborn as an office building.

    Large office with meeting rooms, meeting kitchen, and a new showroom presenting our impressive collection of merchandise, clothing and company gifts.

    We look forward to meeting you.



    2016-06-06 10:00:20


    The DHL Relay Race approaches and we ve just released our new website and catalogue.


    The annual DHL Relay Race approaches. We’ve provided running gear to the event for eight yearse, and we’re also participating in the race each year.

    Each year, we revise the range of products, we offer the many companies participating in the race. This is both to keep their finger on the pulse of the visual trends, but also to make sure we only offer running gear of the best quality.

    Take a look in our DHL catalogue and find your preferred running tee for the year. Click on the picture below.



  • Showroom

    2016-06-20 09:10:49


    The Stieler showroom has been organized with a variety of products for everyone


    The Stieler showroom has been organized.

    We have come up with this year’s hottest gifts based on Scandinavian quality at reasonable prices. These handpicked products has now settled down in a bright open space, with space and tranquility that provides a good overview of the range.

    We love visits and you are more than welcome to contact us if you’re interested. From there we take a dialogue about needs and expectations, and find a day you and possibly your colleagues can come by and see our products.

    You are also welcome to swing by if you suddenly find yourself in the vicinity. Just ring at the door or come right in.







  • Gazelle 2014

    2014-10-06 11:31:14

    Gazelle 2014

    Stieler & Co. has been appointed as a Gazelle company in 2014

    Gazelle 2014

    Stieler & Co. has been appointed as a Gazelle company in 2014, we are very proud of the award and of our great success. We see this as a clear indication that customers are satisfied with our service.